Wednesday 30 March 2016

Workbench Build Diaries (Pt.3)

The workbench becomes more and more complete.

I should be able to install it within the next weeks.

Except I have overseen something.

The last two weekends I spent my time with a honey do project. Making over our bedroom.
Not woodworking at all. Just to give you an impression.....



The Cabinet Cases

At the very beginning of my build I have thought about how to stiffen the cases a bit more.
So I came up with the idea to build in some beams as stiffeners. You can see in the picture that I have installed them at the bottom of the backsides.


This batten adds some weight to the case and additionally stabilizes the side panels.

Cases done

This was the last task for the raw cases. With this step done I have finally assembled all cases. Means they are screwed and glued together now. Maybe you can see on the right off the picture that I have doubled the outer side panels.

Battens for the Top

The bench top has to be fixed somehow. I have decided to make some battens which allow me to screw on the top to the carcass.
Therefore I have dimensioned some battens. Marked and drilled some countersunk holes. And finally add some "decoration"

Drilling the countersink

And the hole

Looks finally like this

Add a bevel to the ends

The ends of the battens were "decorated" with a bevel. For my eyes it has a more pleasing look. And additionally it decreases the possibility of getting hurt while accessing the top shelf.

All done

Left To Do

So, this is the question. What is left to do?
  • Cases are done
  • Additional side panels are done
  • Face frame parts are prepared
  • Mounting battens are ready
  • Mounting material is bought
  • Bench top is glued up and near to flat
  • New woodworking vise arrived

The new vise

I have to build the drawers and a door, but this can and will be done on the new bench.
It looks like I could start with the logistics. Means cleaning the deck, storing the not needed tools somewhere, disassembling the old cabinets and then setting up the new ones.

The deck before cleaning

I started to pack the tools into some boxes yesterday evening and to sort out the collected and stored "garbage" one will never need anymore.
To clean up is somehow more difficult than to build something.

I guess I can show you pics from the new working space next week. At least partially.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Stefan,
    Where did you get the vise? It looks a lot like mine with the exception of the quick release lever.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      sorry for my late answer. I got this vise from Dictum. It is a bit different from the one you have. It is a 9" one, but it has got other dimensions than the one from Lee Valley. The mounting height it is only about 60 mm instead of 90 mm for the Czech one. That fits much better to my bench.
      And you are right. The quick release mechanism is working different. You have got an additional lever which has to be used. Don't know how practical that will be. But hey, actually I haven't got QR and to screw all the time.
      As I will mount it to the bench I will give an update and some detail pictures.