Wednesday 16 November 2016

The Japanese Toolbox Video

This post is different. Somehow.

It is about storing some of the valuable workshop aids.

In a little box - made while the camera was recording.

I'm still rearranging my workshop. I guess this is an ongoing process for the most of us. Keeping my workspace cleaned up is the only option to find a smooth way of working in a tiny workshop.
Nevertheless it often happens that I'm starting to search something. For example I have stored some of my sharpening equipment in one box and some other sharpening tools in another box.
I wanted to get rid of this and to keep all my sharpening equipment in one box. The only purpose will be storage and not to work out of the box.
It should be a simple design, easy to make but fancy enough for a woodworker.
By accident I read an article about sharpening these days. The author had built a small version of a Japanese toolbox for his sharpening equipment. That looked great and fulfilled the previously mentioned criteria. Furthermore building this would help to reduce the content of my scrap box.

Material from the scrap box

Dimensions and More

All the dimensions are to suit to your needs. So I started to lay out all items which should be stored onto the workbench and measured the length and the width of the bottom board.
An article from Toshio Odate in the American Woodworker Magazine was my template.
I think there is everything said and written about Japanese toolboxes, no need to write it down once again. You will find a drawing and some explanations in the article. 

The Video

I still don't exactly know what happened. But at the very beginning of the project I played around with filming some tasks. The result is the teaser video you already know.
This was the point of no return. I was going out on a limb and became ambitious.

It took a while since I noticed that it is more than just switching on the camera and let it roll.
Often enough the hands have been in the way, it was not filmed what I really wanted too, the camera was jiggling and so on.
And finally I had some serious issues with the created video file. I'm sorry to say. But there is no voice track anymore.

Anyway. Here it is....The Japanese Toolbox Video - Live From The Shop

The Box

Finally some pics of the box. Just that you can see it without moving.

The finished box - closed

...and opened



Man, this project (and I mean more the filming than the box) was an interesting experience and a lot of fun.
I've learned a lot of things about filming and all stuff around. More about it in another post.
Now I know how much effort it is to do such a video. I'm really curious how many hours Helen and Richard from the English Woodworker are investing in making their videos.

Enough said now. I'm really curious about your thoughts and opinions and can't await to get your feedback.
Do you like it? Would you like to see another one?
The first #handtool #woodworking video from @Steff_66

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hi Stefan!
    Such a nice video!
    Although I was expecting "Walkürenritt" for the soundtrack... lol
    And a side note the link you provided in YT for the blog post its not working properly for international viewers (=me).

    1. Hi António,
      thanks for your kind words and the heads up.
      There has been a typo in the link. It's corrected now.
      Regarding the "Walkürenritt". I'm more Rock'n'Roll than Classics. ;-)

  2. I was expecting a stein, not a thermos mug. Thumbs up on the video.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      thanks my friend.
      I do not know where these expectations come from.
      Frankly spoken, this is a cool mug. Your drink will stay hot (to warm) for hours. And you can't spill your drink.
      And it is rock solid.

  3. I liked it a lot. Good job, Stefan. I know you set the nails down into the wood, but it always makes me nervous seeing the plane go over them.

    1. Hello Matt,
      thanks. Glad that you like it.
      Honestly I feel the same ways about planing over nails.
      But I have set them properly and have planed very carefully.

  4. Excellent video.
    No music other than the plane needed.
    (it is better as what is music for some is noise for others).
    You make it look simple.

    1. Hi Sylvain,
      thanks for your kind words.
      I'm with you. The noise when a plane is sliding over the wood and making nice shavings is like a sweet melody.

  5. Sehr schönes Projekt - mit Sorgfalt gebaut. Gefäält mir gut

    1. Hallo Wolfram,
      Danke fürs Lob. Freut mich das es Dir gefällt.

      Viele Grüße