About me

My Name is Stefan. I live in North-Rhine Westphalia which is a state in the west of Germany.
I'm a hobby woodworker dedicated to hand tool woodworking.
My hand tool approach is a long story and was founded by a book which I had discovered by chance.
A few years ago I needed a new writing desk for home office work.
I saw a nice one which was incredibly expensive, but I knew that I need a desk like that.
And here the journey started. I planned a while, figured out how to build a desk like that and which (power) tools were needed.
Then I began to build jigs for the tools, like a router table, a workbench, workshop cabinets and so on and so on.
My workshop space is really small and the first times I used my new router and the circular saw, the room was up in dust. Additionally the noise was unbearable.
In the meantime we have rearranged our, as office used, room. The leftover space for my desk was suddenly halved and so I had to designed a new desk.
During my research and investigations two major facts steered me into a new direction.
I found some Paul Sellers woodworking videos and I found Jim Tolpin's book "The New Traditional Woodworker".
Both inspired me a lot and my decision grew, to follow the path of hand tool woodworking.

Apart from a few small dovetailed boxes the writing desk was my first serious hand tool project.
I was learning everything while doing it. With every step I built a mock up first and then went over to the real pieces.
A long way to go. Learned to hand sawing, hand planing, hand sharpening and so forth.
The desk is meanwhile done and a few side projects too. 

Time for new projects. Time for this Blog .