Wednesday 22 March 2017

Sittin' In The Balcony

Do you remember this old Eddie Cochran song? No?

Doesn't really matter for this post. But check it out.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Elec-Trickery in the Shop

Beside of the telling-bone, the elec-trickery find its way into the shop.

I'm a hand tool woodworker from conviction.
But it's time to get rid of time killers.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Coopering Progress

My actual project raised my curiosity so much that I have started to investigate deeper into the trade of the coopers.

But beside of all research I found time to complete the bucket a bit more.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

It Will Be a Bucket

I'm making my way through the coopering experience.

The bucket starts to take shape.