Friday 18 March 2016

Box of the Month - March

I have completed the Mid-Century inspired keepsake box yesterday.

Just a few final strokes of work.

My first box this year is ready. And just in time. Tonight I will give it away as a birthday gift.
As promised on Wednesday here are the final pictures.

Front view

Top view with open lid and lining on the bottom

Inside view with lining details

View form the underside.

Final shot


Even if I have box building on my list for this year, I started this project spontaneously.
Nevertheless it carries a few ideas in itself I have in mind for a while.
I was searching for an easy construction method so that I can build a few more of these boxes and vary some design details.
I think that is a good base version to do some variations. It leaves a lot of room to play with colors, dimensions and materials.

This time I have used a 1:2 aspect ratio for the case. The ratio between lid and the handle is 1:4.
The overhang of lid and bottom is the same dimension.

That the bottom rim of the case is not touching the ground is what I've named the "floating" effect (not sure if that is the right term). I like how it came out. That is what I had in mind as I started the project.

The colors are matching pretty well (surprise :-) ).

All that said, this is the box of the month "March".
Maybe that is a great a long term project - "a box every month".

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice looking box Stefan. I can't tell from the pics - is the 'knob' tapered on the sides?

    1. Ralph, yes the knob is tapered from top to bottom (like an upside down triangle).

  2. came out looking great and yes, I think floatimg is the right word.

    Good job