Wednesday 7 February 2018

I Cut Off My Dovetails

Recently I cut off my dovetails. If you are wondering if I'm crazy, then feel invited to find out what's going on.

You have to think I'm crazy. I assure you I'm not.
I spent a reasonable amount of effort to make a frame jointed by dovetails. While cutting them I already knew that they haven't to be excellent and appealing. Why? Because it was already clear that I would cut them off.
Here we go. After the frame was glued up I moved to action. Cutting off the dovetails at a 45° angle.

Four cuts later....

Cut off dovetails

That being done, I have planed the corners flush as good as possible. They haven't to be nice looking but should be plan and square. 

Planed flush

Curious why I have done that? It has to do with a corner joint I would like to use in my upcoming project.

Stay tuned!


  1. Interesting idea curious to see what is next??

    Bob and Rudy

    1. Hi Bob,
      just to give you a hint. I've written about it a while ago.
      But I had to figure it out a couple of times to get familiar with it.
      Now I felt confident that it is the right way to do.

      Give Rudy a treat.

      All the best,