Wednesday 28 February 2018

Blue Spruce Leather Craft

It's cold outside. And inside too. The last days it was, at least for me, much too cold to be in the workshop. Time to do something different.

To get distracted from my day job I have to make something in my free time. The last week and days have been too cold to be in the workshop. So I decided to make something in the cosy environment of my tiny makers desk.

Do you know the dead ugly ID badge holders. I'm sure you do. The plastic things which does break all the time. And as we don't have to wear our ID badges open in the company, I put mine always into the pocket of my trousers. Looks ugly too and is not really comfortable.

I was wondering if there isn't one out of leather, like my wallet. Mine is out of veg-tanned leather.
And I was asking myself how difficult it would be to sew a card holder by myself.

That being said, off into the internet. You can find tons of instructions about saddle stitching there.
I recommend to have a look at Tandy Leather. Very useful videos out there.

After some research I ordered some leather offcuts and a simple leather sewing starter kit for a couple of bucks. 
A few days later I had all the things together to play around with leather, threads, needles, you name it. 

This weekend I started seriously with my first leather craft project. A simple card wallet.

I cut out two simple parts for this wallet. Backside is a simple rectangle and the front side is the same piece just having a triangular cutout.
Both pieces have been fixed together, then I started to saddle stitch. 

Started pretty good.....

Started saddle stitching

....and after a while I have stitched all along the three edges.

Sewing done

And here is the final result of my very first handcrafted leather good.


Not too bad for a prototype, or?

Why prototype? It's not the type of leather I've got in my mind. But before I will spent money on expensive leather I wanted to try out if it works, if it is fun and finally something I would like to make.

More fun than expected. Next big thing will be a toolbox for the leather tools. I think...
I have got one kilo of leather. I think I will sew card wallets for the whole family and beyond now.

Stay tuned and warm!


  1. Suggested trying some tool rools and making some strops. Both quite handy. Other useful items for the shop would be edge protector, sheats and etc.
    Have fun . That is something I must try my hands at...


    1. Hi Bob,
      as soon as I've done all the mistakes one can make at the beginning and I have solved the ID badge topic, then i will devote to the mentioned topics.
      But fun to do, give it a try.


  2. Stefan,

    Nice prototype. Like Bob I can think of lots of projects for cold and rainy days.


    1. Thanks Ken.
      Jep, there are already a lot of ideas in my mind. But first things first ;-)


  3. I always appreciate it when other people do my research for me, thanks Stefan!!

    1. Hi there,
      whatever research I have done for you, I'm glad if my posts kinda help you.


    2. I do like my woodworking shop but like you it gets real cold here too. I always thought that working with leather would be cool , maybe I just might have to give it a try By the way I really enjoy looking at your work . Don't tell anyone but I learn a lot as well. Thanks