Monday 24 August 2015

Monday Again! - Weekend Errands

Four days 'til it's Friday!

I've done it again.

I have found some amazing must have tools for the shop.

But find out for yourself. ;-)

Last weekend we were running errands.

Hm, wasting shop time again. But we had to buy a lot of stuff and as a good husband I went with my wife.
By chance we were in a weird shop where you can buy everything and nothing.
And while I was browsing through the shelves something caught my eye.

Guys - Here are the ultimate mechanical Spiderman pencils.

Mechanical Spiderman Pencils

They are far and away superior to the Hello Kitty pencils my wife bought last time (I still believe that she only bought them to make fun of me).

What do you think? Is it worth another competition?

Let me know if you would like it!
(Not the pencil but a competition where you can win one.)

Mid-Century Table

In the remaining shop time I started to resaw the stock for the table top.
Man, I can tell you. That was a really exhausting job. After an hour I looked like I was showering within my clothes. :-)

Resawing oak slabs

At the end I won. I made a board which is about 25mm thick. I guess I will loose a few millimeters because I have still some saw marks to remove. But I won't sweat about it. I will bevel the underside of the table top anyway.

First board after resawing

I have got one and a half slab to do. But I need some recovery before I will do the next one.
Maybe I will give the saw a quick sharpening before doing the next slab.

The frame is complete meanwhile. So things will come together step by step.

Readers Project

Tom Fidgen mentioned my Kerfing Plane build on his Blog "The Unplugged Woodshop".
Such a honor. Me on Tom Fidgen's Blog side. :-)

Most of you will know my report. If not, have a look.

By the way, I plan a new tool build. More in the next weeks. I'm gathering the material at the moment.

Stay curious!

That's it pretty much for today. Just a quick update after the weekend.
Have a great week and keep on making!



  1. LOL your comment about how you got those Hello kitty pens remember me how I used to bring kid's band-aids at my carving classes. If you cut yourselves, it's because you were not paying attention to what you were doing and you got to wear a cartoon band-aid. Somehow it helped focusing my students, no one wanted that dubious honor of wearing one of my band-aids :-)

    Bob, staying curious :-)

    1. LOL. That's a great idea to bring people to focusing on their work.
      Maybe I should try if that works for yourself.


  2. Great job on the resawing as some ine who has also done a bit I appreciate the amount of effort required.

    1. Hi Michael,
      thanks for your comment. I've done smaller piece before. But this time it was a bit over the top. I guess I have to train a bit more technique and I'm thinking about building a frame saw. I guess it will save some of the effort because of the narrower blade and less friction.