Wednesday 19 August 2015

Mid-Century Table (Pt. 8)

The table build is an angular affair.

No room for superficialities.

Even if it is challenging, it is fun to build and at the end I'm getting closer.

Some topics were open from my last post.
The lower mortises on the third leg have been made. Now all this work is complete.
It went a bit better now as I found out the root cause for the issues I had.

All mortise holes for the rails done

The Rails

All the mortises done I've started to make the tenons at the rails.

Tenon cutting in progress

Step by step and customized to the corresponding mortises.

All rail tenon at one end cut

All the tenons done it comes to finding out the right distance between the tenon shoulders.
I've tried to get that distance from the leg apron assembly but that is impossible.
So I had to trust my actual size drawing. That said I've verified with the ready made aprons that the measurements from the drawing are fitting the actual piece. I was saved by the bell!

Transferring measurements from drawing

So I decided to take the measurements for the rails from the drawing too. For this I have laid the pieces on the drawing and transferred a mark to one of the pieces.
The I've ganged up the parts and made my marks across all pieces.

Tenons laid out at opposite end

As preparation for cutting the shoulders I've made deep knife lines this time. This assures that I have a good registration mark for paring the shoulders.

Deep knife line and V kerf

The rest was cutting the shoulder and ripping down the cheeks.

Rail tenon cheek cut down

As before I have cleaned the tenons with the router.
It was only the shoulders to be pared. I'm not good in that and pretty often I mess up my shoulders while paring.
So I've though about how can I find some assistance to do this task.
The solution was to clamp the pieces deep into the vise. The depth I've adjusted with the back of the chisel.
I've clamped the rail that deep, so that the shoulder knife line is parallel to the vise jaws.
Now I could register my chisel on the jaws and pare the shoulder nearly perfect.

Paring the rail shoulders

And here I proudly present the first side completely mounted.

The first table frame side where apron and rail are mounted

The other two rails were handled in the same way.

Test assembly

What Else?

A surprise was waiting for me in the shop this weekend.
I have to say that I'm working a lot with bench hooks. So I've got one for general purposes (holding, planing stop, etc.) and one for sawing. 
This winter I've made two new ones out of laminated beech. 
On Sunday I started my work in the shop and as usual I grabbed my bench hook, positioned a work piece on it and wanted to do something.
But what was that? It is rocking. And why the heck is the planing stop now short?
See what's going on. The nice hook is completely cupped.
We have got pretty high humidity the last days, if not weeks. So I'm sure that is the reason.
But what I didn't understand is why this board cups so extremely. I thought one reason to use laminated wood is to avoid such a behavior.
Now then. It is just a bench hook and if it will not go back then I will do a new one. But I'm still wondering.

Bench hook cupped

Ah!  While I'm writing this and thinking about it I've got an idea. Might it be that it is not cupping. but the board is trying to expand? But due to the fact the the stop is glued in, it now cups because the board is hold at its ends?
Does that make sense?

What's Next?

I have to answer a new question I haven't thought about before. Due to the splay of the legs the aprons are slightly tilted now. Yeah, I know - surprise, surprise! I guess I have to bevel all top edges of the aprons and stretchers. In the picture you can see what I mean. As mentioned above - an angular affair.

Missing bevel on the aprons

As the frame is done now the inevitable will come closer. Resawing the stock for the table top. Frankly spoken I fear it a bit. It's 19 cm wide stock 4 cm thick.  I think that will be a workout.
See me next week resawing in my training outfit :-)

I'm not doing much woodwork beside my table build. Nevertheless there are some things going on.
Maybe you have recognized it. There are some details which have changed in this Blog.
The back to top button for example. Where ever you are on the side, hit it and you will be back to top.

Back to top button

That was my last woodworking week.
Stay tuned to see what's going on next!


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  1. nice,that V shape table is truly artistic and stunning.just look at the step by step customization.I need the same one in my home too.