Monday 13 July 2015

Monday Again!

Monday again!? Have a good one.

I hope it was a great weekend for you too.

Beside a nice BBQ with friends we were at the flea market again and I have finished some project work.

But find out for yourself.

Before I will start with some updates from the workshop I will tell you something.
Do you remember the little competition I've started a while ago? Now the winner finally gets the price. We had some difficulties to reach each other and the parcel service in Germany was striking for weeks. But now he has got the price in his hands.
Pedder had written a post on his Blog about it.

And additionally to remark. Pedder is building saws and has got an interesting Blog about. Check it out.

The Kerfing Plane

Another update about the Kerfing plane. As promised some shots after finishing the tool with linseed oil.
Pops out nice, or?

Top elevation

Side elevation

Front elevation

Flea Market

Summer is flea market season. And we have got a few which are pretty good and where private persons sell their stuff which they have found in their basements, garages, attic, or wherever.

And we were lucky persons again and could find some nice pieces. My wife found some nice mid-century porcelain. I guess not too interesting for you.
But I had luck yesterday too. Again I have found a nice brace in good conditions and additional a bag full of auger bits.

Have a look....

A good used brace

Nice collection of auger bits

There were some more bits but three of them were really garbage and so I disposed them directly.
But the others are working well. A few strokes with the auger file and they are ready to use.

My auger bit collection is getting more and more complete.

And another finding which I had a few weeks ago....

Flott hand drill in mint condition

That thing is near to mint condition. It looks like it was never really taken to task.
I won't like to tell you what I've paid for. That is almost indecent :-)
But the seller was a tough negotiator. Let me say it that way - in the UK you wouldn't get a pint for this price.

And last but not least we have found a great looking magazine stand from the mid-century.
Unfortunately I haven't got a picture yet. But I will post a report about it. Just before we bought it was pretty clear to me that I will use it as a template. But more on this later.

The Lantern Door

Last time I've written about the door for the garden lantern and that I have to find a filling.
I' ve found something. I've cut some recesses this week and fitted the fill into it.

Door fill

On Wednesdays I'll update you about the lantern. Then you can see it in the overall design. But to my eyes is fits pretty well.

Alright folks! That's it for today.
Have a great week. And as every time I really appreciate your feedback.

Keep on making!


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