Wednesday 1 July 2015

A Little Bit Of Everything

The last two weeks I was in vacation. Due to this there was no update last week.

We had a great trip to England and we have seen a lot of interesting things.

Let me give you an update about the exciting things which happened the last days.

  • Something about England
  • The Kerfing Plane
  • The Summer Night Light

A Round Trip Through England

We spent 14 days in England this early summer. It was a round trip. Starting in Germany (Rhine Land) going via Calais to Dover. Then we were in Cambridge, Lincoln, Chester, York and London.
And we have seen interesting places like Chatsworth House, which was amazing. Or the Lincoln Cathedral which was interesting too.

Find some of our impressions here.....

As we were looking out of our hotel room window, we were seeing this. Breath taking or? 

Lincoln Cathedral

If you ever will have the chance to go to Chatsworth House take the oportunity. It is an amazing house.
You can see a lot of interesting stuff inside. Real fine furniture and great carvings beside from that art stuff I haven't any clou about.

Chatsworth House

I could have taken a ton of pictures but I was so impressed and have enjoyed to be in this rooms and study some of the carvings.


Just an impression.

Carvings II

And beside that, I've been in every antique shop if possible. Near by Chatsworths House is a good one, by the way.


Oh well. Dovetails. But the maker had a trick. He has done trough dovetails and had glued a front board on that drawer. So you have got the impression of half blinds. Not a bad idea, or?

Everyday things like a bench or a crate.

You could see interesting buildings in Chester and in York. Pubs like that for example.

And the queue to Bettys Tea Room in York doesn't end. The whole day....

And last but not least. A trip to the UK for me has to end in London. We have visited Westminster Abbey this time. And this was very impressive too.

Big Ben

The Kerfing Plane Prototype

My last post was about building a Kerfing Plane prototype.
And what can I say? It is working pretty well. I'll give you a detailed update on my next post. Until then I will have finalized it.
But I'm already working with it although it is not ready yet.

The Garden Lantern has to be finished. So I need some strips for the filling. And I have cutted them all with the new made plane.

Let me answer some questions at this place, which were asked in the last post.
1) Boring holes into the blade wasn't a big deal. I've used a standard HSS drill bit for metal work, which can be bought in every DIY store. The only secret is to use a sharp one.
The blade tends to bend while boring. Bore from one side, then flip the blade and bore from the other side. That will compensate the bending.

2) The cutting speed is ok for me. I've done a quick sharpening (2 strokes with a saw file for every tooth) before I fitted the blade into the plane. It is cutting pretty well.

Here is the progress so far. I spent all my time on the Garden Lantern because it has to be ready soon.

Kerfing Plane Prototype @work

The Summer Night Light

As mentioned. Time flies and I have to get ready with it. My sister in law is celebrating her 50's birthday this year and I would like to make her a special gift.
Here is were I am at the moment and I think you can imagine now what I'm aiming for with my fill design.

Lantern Frame

Lantern Fill

What's Next?

That's it pretty much for this weeek.
As mentioned I'll update you about the Kerfing Plane as soon as it is finished in a dedicated post.
The Garden Lantern has to be finished within the next days. Update on that, next Wednesday.
And holidays are always good for new ideas. :-) 
A chair and a bench will be new on my never ending project list.

Stay tuned and keep on making!


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