Monday 18 May 2015

Monday Again!

On this Monday morning remember: Coffee solves everything!

This was a four day weekend for me. That meant some workshop hours for me :-)

Here are the news from the weekend.

I have tried to make a lot of preparation work so that I'll come soon to the point to make some joinery.
That means a lot of shavings (and sharpening).
But that's okay. I could speed up my sharpening process a lot.

Shooting Board

Before I could start with the joinery I need an update for my shooting board. That's because of the angles I had to cut to the apron parts.
First of all I had a little make over for my shooting board. I have recognized that shot boards weren't at a right angle.
So I planed down the the stop edge and the running surface for the plane.

Planing down to square

That done I made a board with an angled edge, corresponding to the angle the aprons will have.

Pin in stop board

The board received a dowel as a pin, which can be inserted into the shooting board. So I can avoid that this stop will move.

Hole for stop board pin

A little hole was bored into the shooting board for receiving the pin of the stop board.

Test fit

Done! The stop board sits perfectly.

New angle stop w. test piece

And here you can see how the apron sits on the shooting board and can be shot to the needed angle.

But as often, too quick. After I was done I recognized that my apron stock is thicker then my new angle stop.
So I had to thicken it a bit. I glued a small board on and now I have got the needed thickness.

Final version

 I'm well prepared now for fine adjusting the joinery surface of my table build.

Flea Market Finding

We were at the flea market again. Just as it started to rain on Saturday I found a tiny little plane.

Little hand plane

The brand is "BONUM". It is a German manufacturer. Today the company is making tools for painters.
That plane is so nice and even it would not work I would place it on my tool rack, just for decoration. I've paid 1 Euro for it and I couldn't resist.

I have disassembled it (needed some knocks with the hammer).

Disassembled plane

I have treated the sole of the plane with a smoother until I had a smooth surface.
The plane iron had a bath in citron acid first. After a while most of the rust was gone. Then I polished the blade on my diamond stones (from 150 to 1200).
That done I established a 25° bevel and a back bevel with the ruler trick.

Inserted the blade back into the plane and playing around with the adjusting I came to the point that the plane is working. Not the finest shavings in the world, but working.

Nice little side project. Just costs me an hour and 1 Euro.

Mid-Century Table

What can I say. I make progress. Slowly, but progress. I'm done with the wood preparation for the most of the parts.
And I could do a very, very first test to see how it looks. Watch this.

Very first test fit

I've laid out all the joinery, marks for the bevels, middle lines, and so on. Next step is to establish the bevels at the legs and then to join the aprons.

Garden Lantern

And last but not least I've started with the stock preparation for the garden lantern.


This are the dimensioned stiles for the lantern. 
I'm actually at the top and bottom pieces but haven't got a picture yet.

That's it for today. Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Keep on making!


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