Thursday 14 May 2015

A Packaging Box Goes Around The World

As promised a while ago this is the first competition with a great give away.

Come in, find out....

I had reported pretty often about my magic pencils.
And now your dreams will come true.
Believe it or not. But you can win one.
The only thing you have to do is to participate at this competition.

First Things First

A few facts about it. 
This wonderful pencil has a great design. See these wonderful "Hello Kitty" applications.
The pencil has got a build in eraser, which is completely useless, but it underlines the overall look.
But the real magic is that you can sharpen this pencil at any angle you want to.
The steeper the angle the finer the lines you can draw with it.
It will come completely blunt, so that you can chose whichever angle you want.
This great tool is 19 cm long and has got a diameter of about 8 mm.

The price

Is That All?

No it isn't.
This wonderful tool, which may not be missed in any woodshop, will come in a custom made pencil box.

Pencil Box

And? What's the trick?

If you are asking yourself what has to be done to win this amazing price, here comes the answer.
The owner of the seventh useful comment on this post will get it.
Excluded from this competition are posts like: Yes, No, Jep, every Smiley, etc.

The competition will end one week after posting.
After this time period I will contact the lucky winner.
And hopefully I can write a report about her/him.

Hope this will be fun for you, too.
Please share your thoughts with me. Is this Blog interesting? What can I change or make better?

Stay tuned


  1. Nice looking pencil box, but I think the Hello Kitty pencil really classes up the whole deal.

  2. Since nobody else wants to go first ( everyone is waiting!) I will - it can entertain a seven year old for an impressively long amount of time - particularly when sharpened.

  3. Ooo someone else did go first ... It can be used to poke people and pick up worms ( really enjoy the blog by the way)

  4. The vivid pink colour makes it stand out on a cluttered bench...not that I would know what's that's like, just saying :-)

  5. This useful tool connects your imagination with the physical world

  6. Hi Dave, if you want to make your blog better ask yourself, what to blog about. Blogs can be a diary or a newspaper. You can blog abot your new products only or about your live as a tool maker. But you should look for a topic. You certainly could give away a tool with each blo, it'll increase the numbers of reader exponential.

    Cheers Pedder

    1. Who is Dave? My name is Stefan.
      I think your are mistaking me for someone else.
      But anyway thanks for your feedback. I'll think about it.


    2. Hallo Stefan, ja, ich habe Dich verwechselt. Mit Blue Spruce Toolworks. Dave Jeske. Vergiss es einfach. Liebe Grüße

  7. Forgot: Since pink is such a useful color for every tool, you should think about a pink edition of every of you tools.

    Cheers Pedder

  8. I guess that makes Pedder the winner eh? Poor guy, now he has to be chastised by his fellow mates as he uses a pink pencil in the shop. Hehe.

  9. Hello all,
    first of all thanks for your comments. Yes, it is right. Pedder would be the winner because he wrote the seventh post. Even if he was mistaking me for someone else.
    Pedder if you are interested in then let me know.


  10. Hallo Stephan, natürlich!
    Die Box ist doch Klasse und ich bin ein großer Fan von verschiedenfarbigen Werkzeugen.
    Wie kann man Dich denn erreichen?

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Pedder,
      bitte Kontaktformular auf der rechten Seite (unten) benutzen.

      Danke und Grüße