Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday again!

Keep in mind  - The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest.

Just a quick update after the weekend.

Flea Market Again

It is spring time and the flea market season has started. We took the opportunity to have a walk over a nice one on Sunday. A lot of old stuff you could have a look at.
As always I had an eye on the offered tools. But I was not lucky again.
Just a small finding. A nice 16mm auger bit in pretty good condition.

16 mm Auger Bit

Some light rust at the shaft. But I guess a rub off with an oil rag will do the job.

Bit Tip

Nothing more to add. I'm glad because it will complete my small collection of auger bits.

Project Work

Slowly I make progress with my project work. The Mid-Century Occasional Table is the main project at the moment. A detailed update will follow on Wednesday.

But I've got some other tasks in my mind. One of these is resawing. Why?

I've reported in my last post that I've bought an oak plank for the table. The thickness of the plank is pretty well for the legs. But I will have to do some resawing for the apron parts and for the table top.
By chance I found a great post on Bob Easton's blog about resawing. This leads me into thinking about making a frame saw.
I've got a suitable saw blade (5 ppi rip) and the needed hardware too. It's just making a frame.

What do you think? Should I make one? Or should I try to use my plain rip saw (4.5 ppi 20")?

For sure it will cost some time, but my hope is that the result (ripping the boards to width) will be better or at least easier to reach.

Blog Update

Maybe you recognized it already. I have made some slight updates on the blog.
So, what's going on?
Project Cloud
  • The colors are adjusted.I had somehow mixed up the color values. Now the main color really should be RAL 5014 which is pigeon blue.

  • A new list was added. "The Never Ending Project List"
    It will represent all the projects which are on my mind. It is my cloud of ideas.

What's next?

On Wednesday I will report about the progress of the table build.
In the meantime it would be great to read your thoughts about resawing and about building a frame saw.

Have a great week and stay tuned.


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