Sunday 5 April 2015

Furniture Of Desire

Since a while we would like to have a side table for our new designed living room.
But until today we couldn't find one. Good starting point for a new project. Isn't it?

Design Elements

We couldn't find a fitting table, because we got something in our mind which we most probably will not find.
So here are some of the properties the table should have:
  • Wood should be oak so that it will match the other furniture.
  • The table top shall be triangular, but the corners shall be rounded.
  • Even the table top sides shouldn't be straight but having a bow.
  • It shall have three legs. They shall be splayed to the table outside.
  • It shall have a shelf below the table top. A frame construction with rails.
  • The over all look shall be mid century style.

That doesn't sound too difficult, or?

Okay a bit more in depth.

Table Top

Table top corner

This is how the rounded corners of the table should be. Even the curve of the bow is what I have got in my mind.


The Leg will be tapered and rounded. Maybe they have to come out a bit more delicate.

Leg shape

Over All Look

The new table shall fit into this look. Somehow.



I don't know if you have got an idea of what we would like to have.
But I will share my design ideas and the implementation of these with you.
This will be the next project. ! Update ! You will find it here: Back to the 50'ies
If you are curious about it, then follow this Blog. I will be glad to share it with you.
Every Wednesday a new post about the overall progress.

Stay tuned!


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