Wednesday 8 November 2017

Coat Rack Pt.3

This was the week of multiple projects. But the coat rack has to be completed.

At the original version the frame is mounted at an angle to the backboard. To reach this I have to establish a bevel at the back edge of the frame. For this task I'm usually laying out the angle at both ends and then draw a line from point to point which I'm planing to.

Marking the right angle

The backboard was already prepared and dimensioned by me. The frame will be screwed on.
So I draw a line on the back face and have drilled four pilot holes with the frame clamped in place.
Alder tends to split, so pilot holes are pretty useful.

Coming out as wanted. I like it.

Frame beveled at about 5°

Before I finally will refine all the corners and edges I was laying out the position of the hardware, as long as I have got straight reference lines.

Everything mounted

I am reusing the hardware from the original piece. The reason for this is, that is not easy to find such hardware nowadays.

Detail view

Having all that in place I've dismantled all the parts once again, because shaping the parts will be the next bigger step. Before I can do that I have to mount some hangers on the back of the rack.

These little buggers have to be inset somehow. The best way I found out was as follows.
First bringing these hangers into position and make some knife and pencil marks. Then I've figured out the center line.
This center line will be helpful for drilling out the top and bottom rounded areas.

Drilling out

I've drilled out both extremes with a forstner bit first and the middle part with a usual drill bit. Afterwards I've chiseled out the waste material.
I was a bit away from my initially marked position but that doesn't hurt. Will clean up the mark before finishing.

Hanger mounted

Finally the hanger went in. Not the most beautiful recess, but after hanging at the wall it will never been seen again.

That's a good step forward. The basic construction is done, hardware is mounted. Only two steps left.
Mounting the braid and finishing the whole thing.

What Else?

Actually I'm working on a couple of projects at the same time. The good news are that I've got a lot of ideas and enthusiasm actually. The downside is to lose focus of a specific project.
Beside of doing the coat rack I have made a little picture frame, I'm reworking a short jointer plane and I started on the phone bench build. Oh, I forget to mention that I have to build another little box for packaging. A lot of projects which needs base material. 

Boards in the trunk

Last week I had a day off and went to the lumber yard to buy some wood. I found a couple of Alder boards which will be necessary for the above mentioned projects and a nice wide board of Oak. Haven't got any special plans with it. I actually found a new source for my lumber, saw the board and just bought it.

That was my week in woodworking. How was yours?

Stay tuned!


  1. Stefan;

    Sounds like you had a good week. I'm back in the shop and it is always a good week if I get productive shop time.

    The coat rack looks very nice, congrats on a well done job.


  2. Hi Stefan.
    The coat rack looks great. I like the idea of reusing old metal hardware, like you say some of it is not easy to find anymore from new.
    A source of hardware that I have found very interesting is in Hamburg.
    They mainly sell articles for boats and boat building, but they have a great catalogue with a lot of special pieces of hardware. The price is much lower than what I would normally expect from a boat supply house. The service is great, so I have no hesitations in recommending them.

    1. Hi Jonas,
      thanks for the kind words.
      You are right, I found "Toplicht" a while ago but I forget about them.
      Thanks for reminding me :-)