Wednesday 4 January 2017

Another Year in Woodworking

It is January yet again.

Another year in woodworking is over and the next one actually begins.

I'm not sure where 2016 went. Man, what have I done the whole year? So many things in mind, but have I done some of the projects I wanted to do?

I've started 2016 with making a Miter Shooting Board. It should be used to make some miter joint boxes, which I've done later the year. BTW, this is the post with the most clicks in 2016. So, thanks for your interest.

The miter shooting board

In March I have made the first box with the new miter shooting board. I've called the project the Mid-Century Keepsake Box. It was a birthday gift and the receiver was surprised about it.
The shooting board is working well. The joints are crisp and tight. Seems that I have chosen the right design.

The Mid-Century Keepsake Box

During the first months of 2016 I've build my new workbench. By end of April I reached a status of being able to work at my new bench. The design was questioned by some of you. Working a few month at this bench shows that I'm still satisfied and fulfills my purpose. Unfortunately it is not finished yet. I still miss some drawers.

The new workbench

In April the flea market season had started. On one of the first I found a wooden jack plane in good condition. So it came that I've started some rehab activities. I became ambitious and I wanted it to work.
Find my experiences here and here.
Wooden planes accompanied me during the year. A lot of finds on the flea markets we have visited and some more rehab projects (this and that).
In the meantime the wooden jack plane is my daily user. Not for every task but most of the time. Be it for heavier shavings or for finer work. I had some doubts about woodies in the past, but I'm a believer now. That's a good thing. It is a traditional woodworking tool in this part of the world.

The first shavings with the new wooden jack

To make a chair was on my list for 2016 too. Already in January I have shared the results of some research work I've done during the winter.
End of May I started finally with a prototype of a mid-century stool. The result was not fully what I had in mind. Nevertheless I've practiced all the needed techniques and I'm prepared for a next try.

The Mid-Century stool

A big surprise awaited me in June, made by two fellow woodworkers. Ralph from The Accidental Woodworker blog and Bob The Valley Woodworker.  Once again guys, thank you!

The surprise!

In August I have asked the question "how long does a honing guide last?". Maybe the question was not meant too serious. But the little modifications of the honing guide make a huge difference in my sharpening experience. And secondly I have reduced the usage of the guide more and more. I'm doing chisels meanwhile mainly by hand and use it for plane blades only.

The old and the new honing guide

As mention at the beginning of this post I wanted to make some boxes in 2016. I've done a lot of them.
Making drawers  for my workbench, or doing a secret project for a special purpose.
A Japanese toolbox was made while the camera was running. You haven't seen it yet? Please have a look.

The Japanese Toolbox from the video

Honestly I have expected more viewers of the video. But hey, it was an experiment, fun to make, with it own challenges and maybe the next one will be more interesting.

And finally by the end of the year I've build the long time planned fall front toolbox.
I gave it away as a birthday present, filled with some of the tools I have collected during the year. You can't imagine how surprised the receiver was.

The Fall Front Toolbox

That was my woodworking year in review. It went by faster than expected. But here is the new one.
A lot of time for new projects and challenges. Have you got planned projects for the upcoming weeks?

Personally I haven't got plans in detail for the time being. One of the projects which is haunting in my mind will be called "The Hat Display Cabinet".
Beside of this I would like to do another video. But I need the right project for it.

Now then, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best in 2017.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Stefan,

    Good end of year review. I should do the same but most of my year was spent on other issues.


    1. Hi Ken,
      thanks. My feeling was too that I have spent my time with lots of other things. The review made clear that I still have done some woodworking.


  2. Here's to 2017 and more projects and to learning something new.

    1. Thanks Ralph!
      Actually I'm missing some inspiration. But I think I will have the one or the other idea.


  3. Keep the engine running.... :)
    Here's to 2017!!!!

    1. Thanks António!
      Allthe best for you in 2017.


  4. Happy New Year, Stefan. Keep up the good work. I've been particularly interested in your rehab of the German wooden plane and the miter shooting board. I just bought an old wooden German plane and will be restoring it soon. I'll be reading again your posts to make use of your experience. Thanks!

    1. Hi Matt,
      thanks for your kind words.
      If there are any questions drop me a line.


  5. Stefan
    That is one of the nice thing about our blogs, it becomes some sort of diary that you can refer back and see were you have been and done. Ken mentioned that earlier and now as I reflect back on 2016, I can really understand and appreciate what he meant...

    I really like the look of the fall front toolbox, will have to experiment with it on an upcoming project

    Bob with Rudy on the keyboard... :-)