Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Short Update

A few weeks off - time to say hello again.

Getting the head free for the upcoming was the goal of the game. And pretty necessary.

Now then, a short update what's going on.....

We have been in vacation these later summer weeks and were rewarded with nice temperatures and a lot of sun. Half of the time we spent at the sea side. Better said on a small island with sea all around, fantastic sand dunes, a long beach and amazing sunsets.

See here what I mean.....

Sun, beach and sand dunes

The luck smiled upon us when we could watch this young seal.

Young seal

It was resting in the sun and we could watch it while sitting on the beach. Before anybody will complain - the picture was made with a tele lens.

I, chilled at the beach

All in all I had two weeks away from work, not thinking about my job and and least with nearly no thoughts about woodworking.
Frankly spoken I started to get nervous about woodworking in week two.
Luckily we were visiting some flea markets again and I could find a few real bargains. But more on this in one of the next posts. I'm surprised how many wooden planes you could find with an open eye. Often they are in bad condition. But often enough you can find some which weren't used pretty much, but treated badly.
As this one. It doesn't look used pretty much. But one corner was broken. So I've tried to do a repair.

Repair patch for the corner

Unluckily the glue wasn't dry before I started to write this post. So I will show you the result next time.

Beside of all this the material for the video project is already prepared (and labeled). That said I'll be ready for the build. Just need a screenplay ;-)

Material for the video project

I hope I've been loaded with enough energy for the upcoming projects as there are the video build project, some tool rehabs and a toolbox for these tools and finally I have to finish the secret project.

A lot to do, but fall is coming and the evenings are getting longer.

What are your next projects? Already plans for X-Mas gifts? Something you have never tried before?
Let me know. I'm really curious about that.

Stay tuned!



  1. thanx for reminding me I'm way behind on xmas goodies to make

    1. Ralph,
      X-Mas is already knocking at our doors heavily. :-)
      Live is going so fast. X-Mas, Easter, Summer, Thanksgiving, .....

  2. This is a great idea for Christmas gift. I have been working on making a customised stool for a friend to give as a gift on Christmas. It's half way done, Let's see now how the final product looks.