Wednesday 3 August 2016

Is This Tool Addiction?

On my road trip of hand tool woodworking I came to the realization that I have to find out what have been the tools of a traditional German craftsman.

A few interesting finds so far.

The warmer time of the year is flea market season for my wife and me. We like to be there, browsing around and hunting for some vintage pieces. My wife for mid-century interior decoration objects and I for some nice, sometimes vintage, sometimes just used, tools.
The luck smiled upon me this season. Here are my finds so far.

Top section
Very top left: Ulmia Smoothing Plane (with guaiacum sole) - Good after clean up and sharpening
Below: Metabo Hand Grinder (80 mm wheel) and replacement wheel (red) - Clean up and lubrication
Top right: Steiner Jointer Plane - Rehab work necessary

Middle section
Middle left: ECE Toothing Plane - Good after clean up, rust removal and sharpening
Middle top right: ECE Gent's Plane (rehabed)
Below: Koch & Pohlmann Hand Saw

Bottom section
Bottom top left: Steiner Smoothing Plane - Some rehab work necessary
Below: Heckenrose Frame Saw - Blade rust removal and sharpening or replacement
Bottom right: Unknown manufacturer (probably Ott) Round Plane with double iron - Rehab project

If you have got any question or you would like to see anything specific, then let me know.

Stay tuned!


  1. Stefan,

    Be careful out there, you hear...It can become an addiction and soon there is no room in the shop to work. Don't ask how I know :-).

    Good looking finds and looks as if most if not all will will be good users.


    1. Yeah, I've heard the same thing. Lately I had been wondering if I need to build an annex to my 7000 s.f. barn. Now I am trying to cull the herd of tools, finding good home for many.

    2. Hi Ken,
      thanks for warning. I will keep that in mind for future buys....maybe... :-)
      Yes, all of them will be good users and that is the purpose. I will not use all of them myself. One of the smoothers for example I will give to a good friend as soon as the plane is ready to use.

    3. Hi Don,
      wow that's what I call capacity. Hard to believe that you can run out of space. But I think the more you have....
      I think some of the former owners of the tools had a space issue too. But I have got a heart for tools which have lost their herd.

  2. Three times is charm with the grinder for me Stefan. Not moving or jittering on me. I think I settled into a groove with it. You'll be happy with yours.
    I only intend to use mine for tool sharpening.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      inspired by your last posts I dug out my grinder, clamped it to a board, clamped a block on like you showed and gave it a try with an old plane blade. It went surprisingly well.
      I'm struggling a bit with finding the right angle, but apart from that it's easier than thought.
      So I will have to build a fixed and proper setup next.
      Take care,

  3. Wow, those are some nice looking tools. Addiction? Who knows, but you're having fun doing it and you should get some nice usable tools.

    1. Hi Matt,
      tanks. Yeah, of course some interesting finds. At least for me.
      For sure it is fun. But I have to keep an eye on, so that I will not run out of space.

  4. Never let the lack of space be an hindrance to acquiring more tools :-)
    But seriously, the best way to learn about tools is to get your hands on many, and once rehabbed, pass them along to friends who could used them. Everyone wins, including the rescued tools :-)

    Bob, who is not surprised that Don need more than 7000 sqft :-)

    1. Hi Bob,
      in case of a doubt there is any amount of lendable storage boxes available :-).
      You are right. I learned a lot through and about my finds. And meanwhile the wooden jack I've reported a while ago is my daily user.
      Stefan, who is surprised about the amount of Don's space. Dudes, 650 square meters!!