Wednesday 23 December 2015

Year In Review

The year will end in a few days and it's time for me to draw a resume.

I'm always complaining that I haven't got enough time to do what I like and to work at things from my list.
But if I will have a look back, then I have to say that I have done some nice projects this year.
And all in all there were quite a few.


In February I started with my woodworking Blog.
I have started it because I wanted it to do. I started at this time because I cut my finger and had a small surgery, so that I couldn't do anything else. But writing was pretty okay.

My first project was the First Aid Cabinet. It is a tiny little cabinet for storing some first aid helpers in the woodshop.

This project was perfect to train that blogging stuff. And it also was nice to train some basic techniques like rabbet joints, dovetailing, bridle joint, dimensioning by hand. Just to name a few.


I went over to the next project in April. The Mid-Century Table which accompanied me through the year.
The build started with a rough idea and a scribble of what I had in my mind.

The idea

Not pretty clear at the beginning how to do it and with a lot of skill building during the build.
But the outcome is something to be proud of (I think).

The outcome


During the summer I had to interrupt the table project for building a birthday gift.
I've called it The Summer Night Lantern. And again - starting with a rough sketch......


....the receiver was pretty pleased about the result.....



During the build of the lantern I encountered the need of a special tool to make these wooden strips. The plan to build a Kerfing Plane was already in my mind. I just didn't found the time.
Here is my prototype.....

A kerfing plane "prototype"


I've got plans for a new workbench since a long time. In September I started with the first steps to build one

Workbench draft


Now, as all projects are done, I will concentrate the next weeks on building this bench and to make over my workspace.

Nevertheless the next projects are in the pipe. A new mid-century project will come. And again it starts with a sketch.

New project sketch

Beside of that I would like to build a few boxes and therefore a new shooting board is needed. 
It does not get boring.

Rest Of The Year

Beside of the projects some discussion on Internet sites encouraged me to do some simple how to's.
Starting with a sliding dovetail jig, then a dovetail marker and finally the description of making turn buttons.

Oh, I forgot.  I made a small pencil box this year and I gave it away in a little challenge.

And a few second hand tool findings from the flea market cost some time too. But all the findings were worth the effort. I have found some real gems (at least in my eyes).

All in all, not bad for the first year of blogging.

I wish you and your families Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

Hope to talk to you in the next year again.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great review Stefan. Keep up the good work. That little 3 legs table came out great.
    May 2016 bings you happiness and health to you and your love ones.

    Bob, who enjoy reading your blog

  2. Nice review mate. And i wish you an even better year ahead. May all your dreams and those of others come true. And may you post another review with even better details.