Wednesday 28 October 2015

The BSW Newsreel

A lot of things were done this week. Nothing special which is worth a dedicated post.
But things are coming together :-) 

Let me give you an overview about the things which happened this week.

The Mid-Century Table

Just a short update about the table project. After I have shaped the legs, which came out pretty much like had in mind, I felt encourage to start the shaping of the table top.
I will post a detailed description the next time. This time it's just a teaser.
The bulk of the waste was cut away with a saw. And then the fun part began. 
Rounding over with a block plane and a spoke shave. Oh, have I already mentioned that nearly the whole perimeter is end grain?

Spoke shave and block plane are the right tools for the job

With good sharp blades it was no problem to plane down to my lines (nearly).

The first side done

To be totally honest I'm pretty glad and relieved how the table top came out.

The tip of the top

That's pretty much what I had in my mind and it looks very pleasing.

I'm not completely down to the lines. Just a bit to go and then I will bevel the underside of the top.

The Workbench

As written in the last workbench post, the cases are ready for assembly. All holes are drilled, all support blocks aligned. I'm not assembling them now because of missing space. 
At the moment I'm building the two frame and panel side panels. That's my side project for the time being.
The stiles and rails are dimensioned and the grooves for the panel are done. Actually I'm doing the tenons at the rail parts.
Here another decision is necessary. Shall I do plywood fillings or use some boards with tongue and grooves?


After our holiday trip to the UK in summer I have decide for me that I will investigate in chair building a bit.
The trigger was that we have seen a lot of inspiring seating. And the most interesting stools, chairs and benches were kind of simple or basic.
I have done a lot of homework, but one last thing was on my list of to do's. And I pretty much believe that I will find the last missing answers within this book.

Peter Galbert's book about chair making

The postman brought it these days and I hadn't a chance to read it. One glance was the only thing I could have.

A chair will be one of the next bigger projects on my list. But allow me to tell you a short story how chance played into my hands.
At one of the last weekends my wife was sitting on our couch, having tea time and flipping through a magazine. It was one of these interior magazines (no, no, not FWW :-) ). All of the sudden she said, "Have a look at that. This is a nice chair. I like it." And guess what she showed to me.

Mid-Century stick back chair

I'm not the best sketcher in the world. The chair she showed to me was similar to the one in the drawing.
This is a replica of a Mid-Century stick back chair with construction details which are pretty much similar to the construction of Windsor Chairs.

As soon as the table and the workbench are done, this will be the next bigger project. With all skill building actions which are necessary to do it.

That was my woodworking week. Hope you all have a good one.

Stay tuned!

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  1. After being prodded a few times by Brian Eve, I too want to try my hands at making a chair. I am pretty sure my first one will not be a full blown Windsor, but heh, probably some sort of stick chair like you shown.

    That little table is coming along fine, beveling the underside will make it look "lighter", good idea.

    Bob, with a suntan from his scanner, should have wear sunglasses :-)